A bad day in Marketingsville

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is away on holiday and tumbleweed blows through the empty streets of Marketingsville. Suddenly they arrive, out of the shadows – the ones I will not name, who’ve realised that life will return to normal soon and they need to ‘do some marketing’. Then there are the chaotic… Read More

A short rant about bank holidays

It’s bank holiday Monday. You wouldn’t think so, judging by the weather. What’s holiday-like about freezing temperatures and more rain than a monsoon? It’s fascinating, though, from a marketing perspective. Hotels won’t let you stay for less than two nights, TV schedules go into ‘Trash weekend’ mode (no, I don’t want to watch “Britain’s got… Read More

Lost in another world

Yes, I know. After all my preaching about being ‘too busy’ to do the things that matter I’ve been too busy to blog. I’ve neglected you. Sorry. I’ve got a good excuse, though. I’ve been shut in the Secret Store Room of the Queen of Found Objects, an artistic collaboration I’ve been working on in… Read More

Raiding the dressing up box

Hello. The blog is back. Did you miss me? I hope you had a good Easter and haven’t over indulged. I have definitely over indulged over the last few months. Birthday parties, cold weather, Easter – you name it, I’ve eaten to celebrate it. So now, like many of us, I’m back on the diet… Read More

Let’s hear it for the little people

Last week I met up with an old friend of mine who works for a very big bank. We worked together for a couple of years on a community education project. He  represented the Corporate Social Responsibility department of his organisation, and I was the Marketing Director of the charity they were supporting. We were able to achieve some… Read More

You’re just not my typo

This week I’ve enjoyed a chickin sandwich in a local cafe, received advanced warning about forthcoming road works in my area and read the full list of sevices at my neighbourhood dentist. With a name like Philippa Cowley-Thwaites I am fully acquainted with the typographical errors of people trying to communicate with me. Phillipa, Philipa, even… Read More

Beware the hot, cross buns

Spring is coming and, already, the little marketing bunnies are sticking their noses  out of their  burrows. After the dark winter of ‘no budgets’, ‘too busy’ and ‘re-organisation’, businesses are thinking about new products and services and  prepraring to meet new demands from their customers. “We must have a marketing strategy!” they cry, “Oh, and a… Read More

“And yet he semed bisier than he was….”

It’s official. The world is imploding under the pressure of busy-ness (no, not business, busy-ness). You only have to google ‘too busy’ and you come up with all sorts:-  ”Are we too busy to work?”, “Too busy for sex”, “Do we work too hard?” – the list is endless. The scary thing is that busy-ness… Read More

Walking through the wardrobe

Let’s face it, the dark days of January and February leave a lot to be desired. It’s cold. It snows. You spent all your money at Christmas and, in business terms, there’s no budget to do anything. We also have an economic crisis to contend with. What can you do? Get creative, that’s what. Whether you’re brainstorming… Read More

Is image everything?

Yesterday I was going through art magazines, monitoring coverage of the Henry Hudson exhibition at Sir John Soane’s Museum (if you’re into Hogarth and want to see a new take on his work, go along). It amused me to see how the different editors of the art journals all had moody photos next to their editorials –… Read More