Businesses change all the time. Capturing and communicating the essence of your business in a changing market place is one of your biggest challenges and can be daunting.

Straight talking communications helps you get right to the heart of your brand, position it correctly and communicate it to the people you need to reach.

First, I get to understand what your organisation, product or service is all about, through research, audit and reviewing your competitors.

Then I work closely with you, your people and your stakeholders to clearly identify who you want to be as an organisation, what makes you unique and what you really want to say to your clients. We’ll also explore what you don’t want to say and where you think you might fall short of expectations.

When we’ve got a comprehensive picture of what makes you ‘you’, I break it down into accessible parts, from your values, to your positioning and the propositions that will really sell your business.

Once you’ve got a brand that resonates you’ll want a look to match.

I can bring in high quality, cost effective designers who’ll bring your look and feel to life across all your corporate communications.

To get your brand on everyone’s radar I can also provide you with a clear brand communications strategy and help you implement it  if you need me to.

I have extensive experience of developing communications materials, know my way around the web and social media and can put you in touch with associates with the technical expertise to exploit communications technology.

To see how I’ve helped other organisations develop and communicate their brand go to My Work.

Talk to me to find out how I can help you on 07951 926814

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