You know what you do – but are you explaining it in words that your audiences can understand in the places where it will reach them?

Straight talking communications helps you tell it like it is, in the best ways possible.

I can audit all your communications to make sure that you’re covering all the bases, advise you on all aspects of communications – from media releases to annual reports – and train and develop your people to communicate effectively. If you feel you lack the expertise to develop your corporate communications I can even do it for you.

I offer the full range of communications support:-

  • Critique your key messages and day to day communications and help you improve them
  • Provide individual communications coaching or group workshops
  • Translate your business jargon into plain English that will resonate with your audiences
  • Write all your business communications materials from presentations and reports to web copy, brochures and even emails.

Find out how I’ve helped a range of organisations communicate effectively at My Work.

Talk to me on 07951 926814 to find out how I can help you.

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