About me

I’m Philippa Cowley-Thwaites, the woman behind Straight talking communications.

I’ve always been a bit of a Chaucer fan – because he observed and described people and things fantastically, was a  bit feisty and got straight to the point. He made every day situations so intriguing you just had to know more. That’s what I bring to marketing and marketing communications.

In my book, you can’t brand, position, market or communicate an organisation without finding out what people have to say about their product, organisation or offer – and what they really want to say.

Any organisation that says this tension doesn’t exist is probably just saying what it has to say. Telling it like it is, is what really makes your organisation exciting and unique.

If you want to tell the people that matter about what you do, clearly and effectively, I’m the woman for the job. I’m a no-nonsense Londoner who gets to the heart of your business, what it does and what’s salient about it. I don’t mess about with management speak and jargon.

You can read my full profile on Linked-In , but, in a nutshell:-

I have over 35 years’ marketing and communications experience helping small and medium businesses, to large multi-nationals, public sector and not for profit organisations market what they do effectively.

I’ve set up marketing and communications in small start-ups and led on big-budget marketing programmes – the principles are the same.

I’ve created communications strategy for organisations as diverse as Glaxo SmithKline,  Lewisham  Council  and The Thalidomide Trust and have developed successful brands for a range of organisations.

I’ve developed brand and communications and run workshops with everyone from the admin assistant to the chairman. People like talking to me about how they can make their offer more creative.

I’ve written corporate communications materials as diverse as how to keep your asthma under control, political reports and briefings, hotel, fitness and fashion websites and a manifesto on reducing household electrical waste for ministers and key decision makers.

I have a strong track record in making communications materials right for the organisation and the audience.

In the current, economic climate I’m a far more cost effective option than taking someone on full time. I can do as much or as little as you need.

And in the future it could earn you millions.

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