Knowing how you want to be perceived – and how you want to grow your business – can give your organisation  a real sense of purpose.

Yet so many businesses don’t know how to bring what they offer to the people that need it most.

Straight talking communications helps businesses explain their offer clearly and effectively and develops the strategy that will bring them closer to their audiences through effective marketing and communications.

First, I work with you and your organisation to drill right down to what you really offer and why and how it’s better than the rest.

Then we look at whom, exactly, your offer is for, why they need it, and what will most appeal to them, finding the best ways to package what you do for different clients or customers.

When we’ve taken those steps, I’ll develop a marketing strategy to make sure your offer fits your audience’s needs, is the right price, and can be delivered easily and conveniently.

You’ll also get a targeted communications plan that you can measure and review to make sure you always get to the people who matter.

Find out how Straight talking communications developed a marketing and communications strategy for the UK Clinical Research Collaboration (see case study)

Talk to me to find out how it might work for you on 07951 926814.

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