If you’re going to market your organisation effectively to the right people you have to know where you stand before you can move on.

Straight talking communications can help you assess where you are now by auditing your marketing and communications:-

First, I get my facts right by talking to you and your people about your business, your aspirations for the future and the strategy you’ve put in place to get to where you want to be. This can be as simple as desk research and one-to-one interviews with your team or extend to in-house focus groups and stakeholder research.

I take a good look at your target audiences by helping you drill down into who they really are, their needs, perceptions and motivations and the messages you’re currently giving them. I’m skilled in market research and audience mapping and can bring that to the mix.

Then I take a look at your competitors and how they’re doing. I look at their brand, positioning and communications to see how they compare with you – and what you might learn from them. So you know where you stand.

When I’ve got the picture of where you want to go and how others might be going there I explore how you’re marketing and communicating your organisation now.

I analyse all your messages, brand communications and corporate communications materials for clarity, consistency and effectiveness.

I can also work with you to review your current marketing strategy to see if it’s really working for you.

When the audit is complete I’ll give you a full report on everything I’ve found, with recommendations on how to improve your marketing and communications.

You’ll have all the information you need to get to where you want to be.

Find out how Straight talking communications carried out a full audit for St Christopher’s Fellowship (see case study) – and how it might work for you.

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