A short rant about bank holidays

It’s bank holiday Monday.

You wouldn’t think so, judging by the weather.

What’s holiday-like about freezing temperatures and more rain than a monsoon?

It’s fascinating, though, from a marketing perspective.

Hotels won’t let you stay for less than two nights, TV schedules go into ‘Trash weekend’ mode (no, I don’t want to watch “Britain’s got talent” every night, thanks) and prices for ‘fun’ things, like ice cream, go through the roof.

A lot of lesiure marketing people immediately adopt the ‘It’s a bank holiday so this is what you’ll want to do’ approach, closely followed by ‘they want to do it on a bank holiday – so make ‘em pay for it’ approach.

What happened to ‘identify the need’ and ‘customer satisfaction’?

Come on Mori, Yougov and the rest! Why don’t you put some money into a national survey – “What do you REALLY want to do on a bank holiday?” and see what results you get.

And if there’s hard evidence that we want to pay over the odds for an umbrella, to watch Morris dancing and eat extortionate ice creams,  followed by an evening in front of “Britain’s got talent”, I’m leaving the country.


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Philippa Cowley-Thwaites is a no-nonsense South Londoner with a passion for communications. Since graduating in English from London University in 1983 she has established herself as an expert communicator for a variety of brands in the private, public and voluntary sector with great success – she’s one of the best business writers in the business.

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