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Sherlock Holmes and the case of the seventh P

As a professional marketer I learnt, very early, that there were four, key elements of a successful marketing strategy, known as the marketing mix, and that if you get the mix right, you’re on to a winner. The mix was also known as the four Ps – product, price, place and promotion –  in layman’s terms;  your product or… Read More

Precious? Moi?

It’s been an interesting start to 2012. I have had some challenging topics to write about; a year in financial education, the introduction of an on-line catalogue of iconic, architectural drawings and an exhibition about the evolution of Olympic stadia – from antiquity to the present. “Please don’t make it dry and worthy,” was the… Read More

Don’t get an ASBO on the net

Last night I had dinner with money savings guru, Jasmine Birtles whose website,, is helping people manage their money in these difficult times, and for the longterm. As a journalist, writer and public speaker Jasmine has no problem with communicating effectively. She appears regularly on TV, chairs and contributes to conferences and seminars and… Read More

A Dickens of a year

Happy New Year, everyone – it’s a big one. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics, the Paralympics, Euro 2012 will all grab media attention and will, quite possibly, bring London, if not the whole of the country, to a grinding halt. If you’re clever you will have planned your marketing and communications to accommodate these… Read More

What was that you said?

The Today programme on BBC Radio 4 remains one of the best sources of news, comment and entertainment when you’re looking beyond what’s going on under your nose. It has also given me some of the most jaw-dropping incidences of jargon that I’ve ever come across. This morning, one particular guest, from the Financial Services… Read More

Get the X Factor

Ok. I admit it. I watched the X Factor final. I didn’t think any of them were that good (sorry, guys) but I totally fell for the ‘Little Mix deserve to win, they’re just ordinary girls who deserve a chance’ line. I even voted for them. What really did it for me, and for millions of… Read More

It’s the way we tell ‘em

Did you miss my blog yesterday? I was digesting the news of David Cameron’s plans to allow our anonymous health records to be used by the medical research community. Having access to these data will  enable them to study causes, patterns, treatments and side effects in disease that will help save lives. In some cases researchers may need… Read More

Papering over the cracks

If we all got a fiver every time someone mentioned that the recession was making them cut back on ‘luxuries’ like marketing communications we wouldn’t have to work. The only problem is that, if businesses continue to cut back on promoting their organisations, they won’t be working either. Last week I met the Director of a… Read More

Olympic Proportions

A friend of mine went on some volunteer training for the Olympics this weekend. If her application is successful she’ll be one of thousands of volunteers working in the Olympic Press Centre. During the games, all the tears, triumphs and tantrums will be broadcast throughout the world, twenty-four, seven. It made me wonder what will… Read More

Is there anybody there?

Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing? It’s revolutionised the way we get information, the way we buy things, the way we do business, the way we communicate – even the way we find our soulmate. According to the Royal Pingdom blog site (See? Clever use of the internet again). 107 trillion  emails were sent on… Read More