Away with words?

This time last week I was enjoying the gorgeous weather and beautiful countryside in Wales.

For me it was the perfect Bank Holiday – good company, a chance to relax and a weekend delving into the life and poetry of Dylan Thomas – one of my all-time favourites.

The “bible-black” night; “A girl mad as birds”; “Time held me green and dying, and I sang in my chains like the sea.”

What a man!

Dylan Thomas knew he was going to be a poet from his very early childhood.

Language and the beauty of words were essentials that he couldn’t live without – and with a voice that sounded like rich caramel being poured over chocolate ice cream, he was soon in demand across the world to read his poetry aloud.

In the world of marketing we could do well to stop and listen to the language we use to connect with our target audiences.

With social media, email and the ubiquitous news ‘soundbite’ at the heart of our communications we seem to be losing the ability to tell a good story.

Short and to-the-point is great, but sometimes there’s more to life than what you can get into 140 characters.

Painting an exciting word-picture of what you offer; taking people back to a time when they felt really special; telling someone’s personal story, create a much more enduring image of a cause, a product or a service  in someone’s mind than the fact that someone tweeted about it.

Everyone likes a good story – especially if they can identify with it – so let’s get back to the good old corporate narrative and a bit of description now and again.

I know Dylan would drink to that.



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Philippa Cowley-Thwaites is a no-nonsense South Londoner with a passion for communications. Since graduating in English from London University in 1983 she has established herself as an expert communicator for a variety of brands in the private, public and voluntary sector with great success – she’s one of the best business writers in the business.

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