Come right in

Communicate v. 1. Share or exchange information or ideas; convey (an emotion or feeling) in a non-verbal way. 2. Pass on (an infectious disease); transmit (heat or motion).

There’s been a lot about how we communicate (or don’t) in the media lately.

Were the recent riots caused by our inability to communicate with each other; by the government’s inability to communicate with the people or the police; by the media’s way of communicating spin not facts?

The dictionary tells us, in black and white, that communicating is about sharing and exchanging. So why don’t we do it?

Straight talking communications is a marketing communications consultancy that helps people share and exchange – not just talk. I’m launching the website today –  to encourage more people to get in touch with their clients and everyone they want to influence.

Yes – that’s ‘get in touch’ not just tell them stuff. Find out what they want and who they are, and what’s important to them. Then make them part of your story, and perhaps they’ll make you part of theirs’.

Welcome to the world of Straight talking communications – come right in.

About Philippa

Philippa Cowley-Thwaites is a no-nonsense South Londoner with a passion for communications. Since graduating in English from London University in 1983 she has established herself as an expert communicator for a variety of brands in the private, public and voluntary sector with great success – she’s one of the best business writers in the business.

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