Getting your story straight and telling it regularly is the key to communicating your business successfully.

I have been writing for business for over 31 years. Political speeches, annual reports, website copy, Twitter campaigns, e-news bulletins, news releases, pitches – you name it, I’ve written it. I can get under the skin of your organisation – and your audiences – and write copy that will accurately reflect your unique voice and personality.

First I’ll ask you and your team to tell me stories, about the organisation, products or services – whatever you most want to say. I’ll ask you to include all the bits you might think are unimportant – they’re often what make you unique.

Then I’ll create a brief that meets your needs and develop copy to your specifications. I won’t leave you to finish bits off or fill in the gaps – you get the whole story from start to finish. And if you want to make changes I’m not precious about it. It’s your story after all.

Find out about what I’ve written for other organisations at My Work.

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